Monday 25 October 2010

Techy Breakdown

Myself & bill headed North Wales yesterday for a bit of twitching and birding as well. Things went wrong from the start, at Cemlyn we walked a fair distance trying to locate the Lapland Buntings that had been there for some time with no luck. We dropped then onto Soldiers Point and the Breakwater country park for a mooch around very little showing. My phone bleeped and said the Lapland were showing at Carmel Head, back into the van and away we went again this time after some work we found 15 of them and pretty close too. My phone went do lally and i couldn't receive any emails but not to worry Bills pager would tell us if the Glossy Ibis was still around. We went to try & find its haunt but failed. But guessed it had flown anyway with no messages (only to find out later when I got phone working it had been showing) Anyway headed to the Great Orm but light was fading fast, The Waxwings that were there had disappeared whilst scouting the area I found what I believed to be a Shrike only for that to disappear in the fading light. The few pics i took on my camera also failed badly so not the best of days birding but good fun with a little bit too much bad luck

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