Saturday 20 November 2010

Rudyard Tittersworth & Gunn Hill

It seems like a good while ago since I visited my regular spots so that was the plan this morning. I arrived Rudyard at dawn unfortunately visibility was rather poor. 80 Teal 5 Wigeon where best there. Onto Gunn Hill Where i got a good view of a male Peregrine perched up with prey but he disappeared after a car behind me starting blowing his horn. Quite a few Red Grouse active and common tits. Tittersworth looked devoid of bird life but a Male Goosander was present half way along to the dam, 5 or 6 Pochard were resting in the reserve as were 30 Lapwing. A small flock of Siskins flirted about the visiters cantre and a GS pecker was in the same vicinity. 2 Wigeon were towards the dam. The only other bird to note was a male Bullfinch on the causeway. On my way back home stopped off at Bramblin Central where one showed amongst the Chaffinches within 6 feet away. Nuthatch and various Tits where feeding in the same area. An enjoyable few hours out even after chasing a few Rarer species previously you cant beat birds on your doorstep

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