Saturday 4 December 2010

Cold up North

I managed get out to Rudyard & Tittersworth for a couple of hours the first time since the big freeze. Rudyard must of caught it pretty bad as most of the water was covered in ice hence the lack of birds, A few Siskins about as well as Bullfinch other than thrushes and tits very little. Tittersworth was 50% ice free so a few duck were noteable. 8 G00sander possibly the pick of the bunch, a single male Wigeon was on the main lake as were a couple of Teal. I piled a load of seed in the feeders and on the table before heading off. I decided have a shot at Long Eared Owls at Parkhall but the wet stuff started to come down pretty heavy hence half an hour searching reveled just a female Sparrow Hawk roosting up. Very quiet few hours birding but better than going the mother in laws

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