Saturday 3 December 2011

Rudyard & Tittersworth & Moors

With a few things stopping me birding over the last couple of weeks. Today was the first time out since my last post. Local was top of my list of destinations accompanied by my little man who is a little sucked in at the moment with our feathered friends. Rudyard was still pretty low and held a good number of birds since my last visit. 100s of Teal 25 Wigeon 40 lapwing with a Dunlin amongst them. Tittersworth with a bucket full of seed & fat balls was next. Nothing around the hide even after fueling up the feeders, it looks like no one is feeding there at the moment. The best bird at Tittersworth was a female Pintail a Goldeneye was present but at the dam end & the sun prevented us finding him. Common Gull was mixed in with the BHeads plus the common ducks. The Moors were windy cold and devoid of birds in general. I fancied Manifold Valley and though lad would enjoy close quarter encounters with woodland birds. Marsh Tit were plentiful as well as an odd Willow a great place to see both side by side. Nuthatch, Great Spotted Pecker, common tits,finches and Thrushes. We were hoping for Dipper along the river Manifold as its a bird Callum wanted to see but with no luck there it was time for the near dead cert Dane Bridge and it didn't disappoint one showing pretty well off the bridge. Time was ticking on I fancied the moors again before dark but went against the idea thinking along the lines a 6year old may get bored.

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