Monday 8 April 2013

The last couple of days

  Saturday was set aside for a Woodlark hunt but before that commenced I had a short time at Tittersworth. Nothing had changed really from my last visit bar a couple of Curlew that flew up the reservoir  and landed on the island. Stafford area for Woodlark proved fruitless on the first location but luckily we caught up with one dispalying further up the road. The last spot was Fredas Grave to pick up a few more birds we hadnt see this year. A few photographers were around the car park with an alton towers type feeding station to try capture that blue tit in natural artificial suroundings. The food did bring down a stunning male Yellow Hammer and a Bullfinch the walk produced nothing out of the ordinary.

 Sunday saw the family heading for Anglesy to stop at friends house overnight. I managed take out my non birding mate who isnt too shabby at ID due to his hobbies. South Stack held all the normal sea birds and a surprise  Puffin that I didnt expect to see back yet. A walk around Breakwater country park added many Chiffchaffs to the list, at times around the pool you could see nothing else but fly catching Chiffys. Choughs and Perigrine appeared over head and plenty of common species near the entrance in the shelter from the wind. Merganser, Shag, Black Guillemot were the better birds around tye harbour itself.  Inland sea and small pools added to the duck count with Brent Goose thrown in for good measure. Nearly 50 species in a couple of hours wasnt bad without busting a butt

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