Friday 10 July 2015

Worth another look

What a cracker


  1. Hi Paul,

    Like your photos and the title of your blog. I agree birding should be fun! I'm have only 3 months experience of birding, but already I'm finding myself put off by competitive listers, and all this birding technology crap. I just want to see great birds!! I was interested to read on your blog that you switched from digiscoping to using the Canon SX50 super zoom. What were your reasons? I'd love to know. I was thinking of digiscoping. I looked at a Nikon Coolpix P610, but I have a limited knowledge of cameras and using an iPhone on an ATX 85 scope just seems less hassle. Do you think I am making the wrong choice? Bruce Carson.

  2. Is this the falcon that was illegally shot later in the year - it was terrible to hear of it.