Sunday, 7 November 2010

Derbyshire and North Staffs Moors

The search for Franklin Gull was on the cards yesterday it had been roosting at Foremark so there was the first point of call. One birder was already there at early AM from Sussex and had not had much. A good scan around produced no Franky but u I did pick out a Yellow Legged Gull and Kingfisher flew though whilst watching it. Me and Bill decided try Willington Gravel Pits as it had been dropping in there during the day. Again 3 or 4 watchers were there with no sight. Plenty to see whilst waiting loads of Shoveler a few Gadwall & Wigeon. 2 Snipe zooomed past a couple of times and Green Pecker did the same. We gave up thinking it wasn't going to show 7 just in time as 20 more birders made there way down the track to the small viewing platform. With an hour to spare we spent that up at Swallow Moss hoping something worth noting would show, as normal nowt bar the odd Kestrel, Raven, Reed Bunting and Mipit. It looked like Franky didnt show all day a shame but more for the lad from Sussex that aimed to stay at Foremark all day for a lifer.

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