Wednesday 12 January 2011

Rudyard & Tittersworth

With the rain coming down today Id got a couple of hours spare so a quick flirt to the above was in order. Rudyard was still very frozen indeed a couple of small patches down the shallow end held a few Teal, Mallard & 5 Goosanders. Tittersworth ice wise had not changed much since my last visit, towards the dam was the only area with clear water I noted 2 Wigeon 17 Goosanders 5 Pochard a few Tufties and Teal. A few gulls were roosting on the ice mostly BH Gulls but 5 Common gulls kept them company. I sat in the hide for half an hour to see what was visiting the feeding station on the reserve side of the reservoir. Plenty of Tits about the best being a lone Willow Tit. 2 Great Spotted Peckers fought between them selves over who's table it belonged too. A good look around the edge of the reserve proved fruitless, I was hoping for a Jack Snipe a Bogey bird for myself over the past few years

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