Saturday 26 March 2011

Great Grey Morning

My plan was to get to the chase for around dawn in the hope to catch up with one of our rarer breeding species but that went pear shaped early on with heavy mist and blady cold conditions so there wasn't as much chance of locating one. With me in the area I would try for the long staying Shrike, it seems to hit & miss for a few but I got realy lucky. Whilst watching it at nearly 50 yards away on the ridge a dog walker passed under the tree and it went missing only for it to fly perhaps 10m away from myself. Breath held i lobbed the trusty compact on the scope the little fella never battered an eye in the 20 mins I stood watching him. Priceless & definitely the best view I have had with the species. Whilst back at home sorting the camper out for a weekend away I heard Waxwings and plenty of them only meters away from my garden 27 of them were in full voice until the neighbour kicked up the motor bike manged to grab the camera but pics were pants on 3x zoom

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