Saturday 14 May 2011

Misty Moors

I was hoping for a woodland dawn chorus this morn but the weather as it was I decided on birding from the car. A quick stop a Tittersworth proved fruitless other than the normal birds. The moors were not much better and visibility was down to a few meters in areas. A little Owl showed well at Roache End wheatear were about but not in any number A pair of Snipe were best of the waders up there. Good number of Linnets around Swallow moss area a few vocal Curlew and commoner warblers and that's about your lot. Another stop at Tittersworth after a few heavy showers produced a Whimbrel on the main lake but soon as the rain eased off away he went. I stopped off at Pied Flycatcher central only 1 male in full voice at 9am but a Tawny Owl on full show was a welcome surprise. Whiled away a couple of hours before the match of the century kicks off.

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