Sunday 1 May 2011

Staffordshire North, South, East & West

Myself & Richard Powel embarked on an epic journey around Stfforshires hotspot in the hope of a 100 species in day. It was a day of up & downs as always with a bird race. Very strong winds helped & hindered through out the day. First few hour were spent on the chase trying for heathland and woodland species. I thought we were a little slow in getting a few species again due to the wind. Redstart, Wood Warbler, Woodlark, Tree Pipit Green Woodpecker, Stonechat, Goldcrest Nuthatch plus many more. A trip to Aqulate Mere was next on the cards and a wise choice a few others graced the list unfortunately we missed the Marsh Harrier by a few mins. With Belvide putting out little Gull & Arctic Tern present that was a definite short journey south. Tree Sparrow & Willow Tit on the feeders proved a bonus. The lake had all the regulars so the list was slowly building up. Gaily res proved pointless but was worth a try Doxy was a different story with 8 Whimbrel flying over as we arrived GREAT RESULT. A bit of a walk and a few more ticks including Swift, House Martin, Redshank, LRP Teal & Goosander it was time to move further west. Blithfield got bonus Goldeneyes and Wigeon with little else we hadn't already got. Whitmoor was a little windy but Greenshank was present on the lake & a Hobby made up for no Corn Buntings. Racking our brains as time was ticking on we chose to leave Branston area & head for Uch Quarry. Warblers were hard to locate a wind was silly by then. A good scout around got the Bar Tailed Godwit, Yellow Wagtails, Whumbrel and Sand Martin. Gargany was missing but raised its head as we were about to leave right good result. North Staffordshire inbound now, Pied Flycatcher, Grey Wagtail & Dipper all around the Churnet area & a bonus Tree Creeper ( they are so hard to find when you need one) Tittersworth provided another few species taking the total to a 100 there. With Still the moors to do things were looking good. I keep going on about wind but jesus it was rough up there making things hard. Even against the gods five more species were added including Red Grouse & Meadow Pipit. 105 Species in a day a good result but even then a few mega common species evaded the Powell & Shenton twosome. Coal Tit being the dead cert at the start of the day and Lesser White Throat. Raptors were hard even Sparrow Hawk was missing. I will add the full list when my Typest sorts it out. A Great Day good company and a lot of fun. Again next year mmmm we will see.

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