Sunday 22 July 2012

Where's the surf

Having had a forced break birding for 3 weeks or so I managed a few hour local this morning. A quick stop at Gun Hill had me a couple of Red Grouse from the road. Heading to the moor I did stop on Tittersworth Causeway for a quick scan lucky stop as 6 Common Scoters where half he way along. A quick flick to the point bought them much closer. Quick text to Bill saw him and Oakes on the scene 10 minutes later. A Peregrine preformed well in a battle with 3 B H gulls I presumed it was a Juv but wouldnt put any money on it. The 2 Common Terns were present but without chicks they were watched drowning as they fell off the raft through it gaps and could return back. A few planks of wood nailed around the edge should sort that. All 3 of us headed up to Swallow moss via different roads I managed a Female Peregrine sat on the heather whilst the other 2 managed a hunting Hobby. Very quiet up there this morning but Grasshopper Warby reeled away some distance away. Nice to dust the scope off for a few hours

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