Saturday 12 January 2013


  I need a change of scenery so It was either the Chase or Frodsham, I opted for the latter as it was pretty large tides so I was hoping quite a few birds off the Mersey would end up on 6 tank. I didn't materialise but there was around a 150 Dunlin with a few Grey Plover amongst them. Even they didnt hang around long as a Merlin came in forcing them up, one  Dunlin was singled out and pursued relentlessly out over the marsh and out of site. Waterfowl included Shoveler, Wigeon, Pochard, Tufties, Teal, Little Grebe and a couple of Pintail. Other than the Merlin raptors were thin on the ground only Buzzard & Kestrel hunting away.
  With still plenty of light left I headed for Moore as there is a long staying Smew there. First thing was a quick scout around to see If I could locate the Lesser Spotted Woody I couldnt but it was seen first thing this morning. Duck were very similar to frodsham throughout the reserve with the exception of the Red Head which was a little distant for a record shot.  I pondered on a small trip to Richmond Bank for the gull roost but the pager released news of only Iceland and a Yellow Legged Gull there. An Iceland was at Sandbach Flashes all morning and much closer to home so Id have a hour there. Unfortunately Dipped it by 20 minutes or so but a concerlation Med Gull was most welcome. Not a bad day bar listening to the Potters getting there asses kicked by Chelsea.

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