Monday 1 July 2013



I have had my eye on a superzoom camera for some time for my record shots, Today a shiney Cannon sx50 arrived so I took it out for a test drive this eve in fading light. I was very impressed and I think thats the end of my digiscoping. Anyway back to the Birds. A mega for Tittersworth in the shape of a truely wild Barnacle Goose !!! it was mixing with Canadas as well. Waders were there in not bad numbers a good flock of unsettled Curlew were knocking around the place as were LRPs, Common Sandpipers, Lapwings and Oystercatcher. A pair of Lappys had 2 young that were an entertaining watch as both youngstesr attemped fit under mums wing. Its still a great sight and sound to have the pair of Common Terns nesting again & hopefuly with more success. The same cant be said for the Goosanders the three remaining chicks look well going into mini adult plumage. Plenty of Swallow, Swifts and Martins feeding up before bed making An enjoyable hour out before before the light disapeared.

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