Sunday 16 June 2013

NE mini break

 The whole family had a bit of a mini break near Scarborough so it would of been rude not to throw the scope and bins in.  The bit of birding I did do was very frustrating dipping Marsh Warbler, Icterine and Red Breasted Flycatcher. The latter was my own fault leaving it untill the morning after to visit Flamborough Head. The Iccy I missed by 2 mins. I now know why id make an awful twitcher although family in tow does slow you down a little. We did manage to get to Bempton cliffs twice, the first time the fog was so bad visibility was down to a few yards. So bad a Guillimot crash landed in the car park missing the cliffs by some didstance. Takeing off from a carpark is difficult or impossible for a Guillimot aka Garry the Guilli is what the kids called him. Anyway a first for me I picked it up and walked it to the cliffs where it woddled to the edge and lauched off. The second visit we caught up with all the regulars and a Barn Owl hunting the area for 10 minutes.

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