Tuesday 6 August 2013

Birding in the last few weeks

The annual summer holiday south took us near Lyme Regis  right on the Devon and Dorset boarder. I managed a couple of small sessions around the axe estuary. It wasnt great but I found a few spots near by worth a visit. Unfortunately due to serious shit happening the holiday was cut rather short. Once back the  Caspian tern was still around Rudyard  I couldn't get to it, so its a cracker of a bird that will have wait. I'm rather gutted if I'm honest but that's life.
Two small visits locally to clear my head were not too bad. Common sandpipers, Oystercatchers, L R Ps and Snipe all at Rudyard. Tittersworth was very similar  in the birds present. The moors did seem rather quiet compared to when I last visited perhaps due to the times I got up there.

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